My mission is to transform self-esteem through the Evolution Hair method and bring opportunities to people. Just like I received opportunities and I want to take opportunities for people who want to change their lives. Because my life changed, I lived with R $ 200.00 per month 11 years ago, with 31 years of age I already enjoy all the good that life can offer in this life. This is all thanks to God and the opportunity I had. Evolution Hair method has changed and my story still changes.

Mariana Plaster

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What You'll Learn

A technique already approve in several countries, top European salons are already applying this technique .
Now for the first time available in the USA. Don’t wait until classes are all booked . Learn from the convenience of your own computer or smart device , thru our online classes, available now.

Check Out Thousands of Happy Clients!

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Mariana Plaster Hair Extensions Method.
Technique that’s Patented.

What Customers Say

Lu M
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Amazing!!! In another room I had a chemical cut and even went into depression. Then I met Mariana Plaster and today I have beautiful, wonderful 65cm blonde hair and my natural hair is growing very healthy and without damaging under the hair. My self-esteem has been recovered and I feel beautiful! The hair is human and quality. Very perfect. When I say that I use megahair nobody believes! Mariana is a loving person and I am very well attended in the salon every time I go. The applique even has a factory warranty !!!! Incredible right? !! Very recommended.
Iorlane M
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Perfect service, I have my high self esteem today for choosing the best Evolution hair method from Mariana Plaster, I use the Method at 9 months and I feel better and better and my hair is getting healthier!
Isabela A
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Wonderful the attendance and the result with the application.
Ana S.
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Super satisfied .. wonderful team, Mariana is a loving person ... I was super insecure, but I can't see myself without more ... I loved it.

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