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My Evolution Hair Method

Evolution Hair By Mariana Plaster is a totally handmade method, a thin and flexible canvas where I implant a micropele. In this micropele, I adhere to the adhesive tape. I only use 10% of the client's hair to apply, the rest is all free.

Maximum application time: 1h.
Adaptation: The client does not feel pain, does not hurt the scalp.I have articles from dermatologists, indicating and approving my Evolution Hair method.

Maintenance: maximum 2h and the hair is done. When removing, the customer does not lose hair.
We do not use anything sharp e everything is done with great patience to ensure the health of the hair.

What the Dermatologists say about the Evolution Hair

How this Method Can Revolution Yourself

What we can offer

Hair extensions

No Glue, No Heat, and No Harmful Chemicals!
We offer one hair extension technique for one reason. It’s the best!

No Damage

When removing the client does not lose hair, we do not use anything sharp, all done with great patience to ensure the health of the hair.

Customized Hair

Each Hair is Carefully Prepared for Each Person Individually. Only 10% of the customer’s hair is used to apply

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We build a style around your personality so that your look is one of harmony, symmetry, and perfect proportion.

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A technique already approved in several countries, top European salons are already applying this technique . Now for the first time available in the USA.

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Marivalda B
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Great professional, super helpful! The quality of the hair is unquestionable !! It was super natural, I highly recommend it
Rafaela L
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Incredible work! Mariana plaster and an excellent professional !!!!
Carolina E
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Years ago I was looking for a professional to do hair extensions. I got to test some both in Brazil and here in the USA, but the result was never completely satisfactory. After years of frustration and giving up, I met Mari and the revolution hair method caught my attention. I spent about a year evaluating and talking to Mari about it.
Thaysa M
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Mari is one of the most amazing professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Know everything about hair, extension, care, etc ... And it made me much more beautiful with my new hair ... self-esteem in the day and up there !! This is priceless.
Quelita M
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She is wonderful I love her work I am very happy to have found her I recommend her to everyone.
Herbya F
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She is very professional. I've always been afraid to put hair on Me because I didn't trust the methods and thought everyone would know that I would have hair that wouldn't be mine but Mariana surprised me and made me very beautiful.
Tatiana S
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Mariana is a very experienced professional, expert in extensions. Your job is perfect; his technique is sensational. The application does not bother, is light, does not mark the hair and is very practical for maintenance. I indicate with my eyes closed. Flawless work !!!!
Helena A
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I've been using Mariana Plaster's Evolution Hair Method for years, and I don't give up. It doesn't damage my hair at all, it doesn't hurt and the hair quality is perfect. I've used many other Mega Hairs, but Mariana's technique is indisputable. Recommended.
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I am an Authorized Evolution Hair Method. I work with the Evolution Hair method and changed my financial history. I stood out in my city for the quality and safety of the method. Best thing I did in my professional career. I highly recommend it.
Aline Q
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My experience with Mariana was incredible, she gave me my self-esteem back. I use the evolution Hair method and don't give up! She is super professional, and understands exactly what we need. The hair she works on is of the highest quality! Super recommend.